Issue 1

Lay low, why don't you now?

Read replica

I wrote a new article Heroku Postgres Read Replica with Rails and have been testing the settings from that article in croaky/multi-db, a minimal Rails app that I’ve deployed to Heroku and load tested.

M1 chip

I got a MacBook Air with the Apple Silicon M1 chip with 16GB memory and 1TB storage and have been using it for about a month. I’m loving it: t’s super fast, quiet, the battery lasts a long time, and it doesn’t get hot.

I still have an Intel chip on my work machine so croaky/laptop is currently configured to work with both chips on Big Sur. All my usual software is running great on the M1 machine: Ruby, Go, Postgres, Vim, kitty. The only program I haven’t gotten working is shellcheck; I’m keeping my eye on semgrep as a long-term replacement.

Kill processes by port

I added a kill-pid-on-port script to find and kill processes listening on a given port:

kill-pid-on-port 3000

Syntax highlighted file previews

I installed and configured bat with the GitHub theme. bat is a syntax-highlighted cat(1) clone that is used by fzf, the fuzzy file finder I invoke with Ctrl+p from Vim:


I learned that Figma has a great set of tutorial videos on YouTube. I’ve been watching the Figma for Beginners playlist.


I created an account on Replit and OMG, it is amazing. I expected it to run slowly but it is extremely well done. My only complaint is the @Croaky handle was taken! I’m @DanCroak over there. I bookmarked the Lua Tutorial for later.

Learn Go with Tests

I’ve been going through Learn Go with Tests, a really nice free Gitbook. I tend to write Go in my free time and have been skimping on tests, would like to get better.

Writing an Interpreter in Go

I purchased Writing an Interpreter in Go by Thorsten Ball. It made me laugh when he called out his friend in the opening paragraph:

The first sentence of this introduction was supposed to be this one: “Interpreters are magical”. But one of the earliest reviewers, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that “sounds super stupid”. Well, Christian, I don’t think so! I still think that interpreters are magical! Let me tell you why.

Web Frontends in Go

I really enjoyed this short article, Web Frontends in Go. It’s simple and highlights the embed package introduced in Go 1.16 to bundle HTML templates into the resulting Go binary.


SvelteKit is not out yet but you can see the preleases at unpkg’s @sveltejs/kit. Someone has also been writing a SvelteKit tutorial.